Adi Ulmansky – A.D.I

by David Pearl | 31.12.12


It’s hard being the strange fruit in town but Adi Ulmansky manages to be the strangest and the greatest electronic fruit around. She’s mostly known for being a part of the post-dubstep group”Lorena B“, but also records as a solo artist.

Her songs are full of crunchy beats and love makin’ bass lines, crazy lyrics and dreamy voices. Adi is almost done with her new and fresh mixtape – out on the 14th of January (listen below).

Till then you can catch her amazing tunes HERE and watch the amazing video by Vania Heymann below. Also listen to “One Octave Up”  – one of my favorite tunes by Adi…

Listen to Adi’s “Shit Just Got Real”  Mixtape.


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  1. 01 Ana Laura Ulmansky

    ‘re my clone. I am surprised that we are so alike.


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