Gitla /// Teeth and Bones

by David Pearl | 18.12.12


Gitla is one of those musicians that can send you through different times and landscapes. You can listen to her music and imagine yourself going back to 1971 and listening to Joni Mitchell’s “Blue” for the very first time while sitting in a middle of a magical forest.

So, we’re surely not in 1971 but it’s still amazing hearing Gitla’s voice and thinking about time machines and some quite and peace in this hectic world. Can’t wait for her full debut album she’s working on these days.

Check out her stunning YouTube channel and if you’re in Tel Aviv today (Tuesday) stop by her intimate show at the “Shpagat” bar.

” Oh Lord, I’m walking on sharp stones, walking on sharp stones.
Oh, bloody tears, ropes and Thorns
Won’t suddenly be gone, suddenly be gone. “


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