Flora /// It’s A Lie

by David Pearl | 16.12.12


Every once in a while a song comes along and takes me to a long and distant trip, which drowns me to the depths of music and vocals. In it I’m allowing myself to stop and smell the memories that grow from the song, while embracing the feelings that floods me.

This song by FLORA (aka Liron Meshulam) is one of those songs, taken from her forthcoming album, which she is working on at the moment. Her first album “Happy Today” came out two years ago and was filled with heartbreaking songs. Her electronically-flavored, dreamy lyrics, touched by her heavenly voice are the things which make her gigs known as the greatest secret show in town.

” There’s always someone telling us it’s wrong / and there is always someone who knows what your looking for / there’s always something missing and it’s hard to explain / and there’s always something running in our mind / and it’s a lie / it’s a lie “


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  1. 01 Mark

    Amazing! Incredible!


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