DIDA /// Apology

2/04/ 2015, 6:52 am Spring Sadness 3

After a short absence, “Pearls” is back and there’s no better way to be back than with a great heart-smashing music to officially start these beautiful Spring days.

DIDA is the front name of New York-based Israeli guitarist and vocalist Dida Pelled. She grow up in Israel and after the army she moved to New York where she has graduated with honor from the prestigious Jazz Department at The New School. In 2010 she recorded & released a very successful Jazz album with today’s jazz greats – Roy Hargrove and Gregory Hutchinson becoming a well known name in the Jazz circles and toured with the album all over the world.

“Apology” (Music and lyrics by Tal Ronen), an heartbreaking and beautiful song is taken from her second album (Co-produced by Yuval Vilner and Dida) which will be out later in 2015. The new album will be a combination of Jazzy tunes along side with Blues influences and Folky approach – a natural change in the music of this great musician.

Catch DIDA‘s Israeli CD release party @ The Zone, Tel Aviv on the 29th of April right before she goes back to NYC and watch the great video for “Apology” directed by Iyar Dyoman.

Photo by David Pearl


YOUNG YOSEF /// Future Legs

4/02/ 2015, 9:50 am Winter Happines 0
Young Yosef

There’s nothing better than sunny days full of promises in the middle of the winter and there’s no better way to enjoy those sunny days than to listen to music that sounds like the warm and shining sun, if the sun had an accompanied sounds.

Young Yosef (A.k.a. Joseph Madar) makes sunny flavoured folky tunes that will make you fall in love. Starting with his first EP “Gauzy Days” followed by the single “Future Legs” he’s crafting his unique sound by combining old fashioned folk with new and fresh tunes and above all he lays his beautiful and heartwarming voice. All together makes his music the idle way to dive deep into sunny days whether they are real or imaginary. Young Yosef is now working on his next EP coming out in April.

CATCH him live tonight (04.12) at “Levontin7″ (split night with “Hush Moss”) and watch the video for “Future Legs” below.



EREZ /// Blending in the Universe

8/01/ 2015, 10:46 am Winter Happines, Winter Sadness 2
Erez Sivan
ארז סיון

When it’s really stormy outside the best getaway for me is to press the play button and listen to summer tunes coming from a beautiful new song.

EREZ is the front name of Erez Sivan, a new and fresh voice in the local music scene. Born in NYC but raised in Israel the 22 years old musician is releasing her debut single “Blending in the Universe” from her forthcoming album “Proper Lady” (out March 2015) after 4 years of work in progress with the producer Ori Winokur. ”Blending in the Universe” is a beautiful blend of Jazzy tunes and Folky flavoured melodies all combined with Erez’s smooth vocals making you wish summer was back soon washing you with its’ glorious sun and warmth, but until that happens you can just press the play button and imagine that summer is already here.

CATCH HER LIVE on the 11th of January at “Radio EPGB” and watch the video for “Blending in the Universe” below.

Official Site | Youtube

Aya Zahavi Feiglin /// Hadera

1/01/ 2015, 2:13 pm Winter Sadness 1
Aya Zahavi Feiglin
איה זהבי פייגלין

A simply beautiful song that can get hold of your heart and just stay there, probably forever, growing deep roots of comfort and compassion are sometimes rare to find.

Aya Zahavi Feiglin‘s first song as a solo artist is one of those simple and yet heart filling songs, simple in the deepest way. It proofs that sometimes all you need is some piano, guitars and hand claps supporting heartbreaking lyrics about the lack of love sung by Aya’s beautiful voice. After years as the lead singer of the Rock’n'Roll band “I Got the Hotties” and after she took some time to herself the songs inside of her started to slowly crawl out becoming the songs from her forthcoming solo debut “Seven Songs”. The album is produced by Hilla Ruach (from Kalbey Ruach) and will be out later this year. “Hadera” is the first song taken from the album – a true and honest testimony both musically and personally.

Catch her performing live on Saturday (03.01.15) at “Levontin 7″ and listen to “Hadera” below.

Avi Goldfinger /// Jackson-Tel Aviv

25/12/ 2014, 12:12 pm Winter Sadness 2
Avi Goldfinger

While it’s Christmas day in Jackson, Alabama in Tel Aviv, Israel in another warm winter day with the sun above and no Santa in the Horizon. So all is left is to listen to good music and imagine that Santa is on his way with some snow inside his palms.

Avi Goldfinger’s new single “Jackson-Tel Aviv” and its’ video is exactly the right song to listen to right now while sitting next to the imaginary Christmas tree. A great Country tune, a music style that is very rare in this area accompanied with great storyteller lyrics inspired by and an homage to the great Johnny Cash & June Carter. The new single is taken from Avi’s forthcoming project called ”What Do You Know About Jesus Anyway?”, a combination of a book with 74 poems he wrote, a CD with 14 composed songs taken from the book and 14 accompanied videos, which will be revealed in time via his website.

This special and ambitious project is taking the old musical experience to a new and different levels by combining all the medias together and gives the listeners a new form of a musical journey, especially with Avi’s mesmerizing songs and silky voice and his exploration of different kinds of musical influences.

Get a copy of the project at his show on the 12th of January at “OzenBar” and watch the video for “Jackson-Tel Aviv” below.

SANDR (Shelly and Rotem) /// Eternal Loop Of Lies

25/11/ 2014, 11:59 am Autumn Sadness, Winter Sadness 3
Shelly and Rotem

Sad songs belong to the winter. They thrive when it’s cold outside, in our attempt to find some melodies and words that will keep us warm. But the best sad songs are those that break your heart, yet bring you some kind of joy and hope.

SANDR‘s first single “Eternal Loop Of Lies” from their forthcoming debut album is exactly what I was hoping it to be, a sincere collection of lyrics combined with amazing vocals and beautiful production by Tom Darom. Shelly Levy & Rotem Frimer are the young ladies behind SANDR (formerly known as “Shelly & Rotem”). They both sing and write the songs together in a way only good friends can, in their own unique atmosphere. They met at high school and have continued on with their successful formula ever since – Shelly on the keyboard and Rotem playing the guitar. You can’t know that they’re young from their incredibly mature music and their heart-breaking approach to lyrics. The band was founded in 2012 and since then they managed to release the beautifully mastered “Between Shores” EP. Now they are working on the material for their full length debut album while touring.

Catch them performing tonight (25.11) at “Syrup” in Haifa and in “Levontin” in Tel Aviv on the 5Th of December and listen to “Eternal Loop Of Lies” below.

Ella Ronen /// Please

11/11/ 2014, 9:14 am Autumn Happiness, Autumn Sadness 2
Ella Ronen
אלה רונן

The Autumn brings a necessity for heartwarming music. Something to listen to in front of your imaginary fireplace, letting your feet warm up, your hands, your body, your mind and finally your soul.

Ella Ronen‘s debut album “Mirror Maze” is the perfect album for the autumn, full of beautiful and heart breaking folky songs with just the right amount of jazzy flavours that will warm your heart. Earlier this year the Israeli musician released the album in Switzerland after moving there in 2011 to follow love. In 2013 she had participated in the first season of the television series “The Voice Of Switzerland” but inside she knew that it was her early discoveries of Leonard Cohen, Joni Mitchell and Bob Dylan that inspired her into becoming a musician. In the search for the local music scene she finally signed to “Sophie Records” and started to work on her debut album with Luk Zimmermann (Lunik) as the producer.

Noe Ella is releasing the “Mirror Maze” in Israel accompanied by a mini-tour kicking off today (11.11) in SYRUP, Haifa. Moving to OzenBar in tel Aviv on the next day and finally to Ashan HaZman in Beer Sheva (13.11).

Watch the beautiful video for “Please” below and visit Ella’s website HERE.

Ella Ronen

Ella Ronen

DeXon Faya /// DELIVA

23/10/ 2014, 10:50 am Uncategorized 1
DeXon Faya

Since the weekend is getting closer and closer, I decided to look for a new club banger that will get me excited and quicken the transition from a hard work week to a great weekend.

DeXon Faya‘s new single is one of those rare bangers that you were waiting for without even knowing how much you needed it. The self written, produced and mixed ”DELIVA” is a total party masterpiece with its slick beats, teasing whispers and orgasmic chorus all made by Sima Guttman, a well known DJ and queer figure in Tel Aviv. The new single comes after her 2011 trip-hop debut “Sage” – a laid back & chill-out electronica made for the bedroom and the unspeakable things you do in there while it’s playing in the background. ”DELIVA” with its Peaches vibes and it’s very sexual statement is the first taste from her future album being in the made. Just play it on repeat and I can promise your body won’t stop dancing.

You can also check out her new monthly parties at “TAHAT” (Ibn Gabirol 170) all dedicated to the Macumbian music style and culture (listen to her amazing DJ set HERE) kicking off on the 26Th of November.

Watch the great video for “DELIVA” directed by Goni Riskin (Telavivian’s photographer and blogger) below and listen to DELIVA VERSION HERE.

Niv Ast /// I Don’t Care

21/10/ 2014, 12:03 pm Autumn Sadness 0
Niv Ast
ניב אסט

Often when my thoughts are blocked I seek out new sounds to unlock it and inject my mind with some new musical energy.

Niv Ast‘s new album “Defeats” is one of the many musical keys that helped me with unlock my mind. The Tel Aviv based producer and singer/songwriter has already released two albums. 2011 saw the release of “Like Sheep (we run from ourselves)” and in 2013 we were given “Goodbye” - both self-produced and self-released with a very strong Rock’n’Roll vibe. Now he’s continuing his DIY approach and releasing his new album – also self-produced – and released by his own label “Raptorial Records”. In “Defeats” Niv takes the electronic approach while still keeping the Rock’n’Roll vibe. Resulting in an album full of beautiful songs such as “Your Eyes Are In Love”, “For You”, “Lovers” and the heartbreaking lead single “I Don’t Care”. Taking the DIY path is always very risky but not for a self-taught and absolute musician like Niv who knows exactly what he wants in his sound.

You can CATCH him performing live tomorrow (22.10) at “KULI ALMA” accompanied by Adiel Goldman (who also appears in the album) & watch the beautiful video for “I Don’t Care” directed by Tommy Simone and listen to the new album below.

Official Site | Sounscloud

Niv Ast & Adiel Goldman

Niv Ast & Adiel Goldman

Liron Amram & The Panthers

9/10/ 2014, 8:48 am Autumn Happiness 2
Liron Amram & The Panthers
לירון עמרם והפנתרים

Sometimes the need to make new and exciting music means you have to go back to your roots and discover there the first melodies that made a mark on you – a real one – only then you may come back making music that will influence others and make a mark.

This is where Liron Amram & The Panthers enter – founded by Liron Amram (the son of Aharon Amram which was the forerunner of Yemenite music in Israel, and is still regarded as one of the leading artists in the genre) and overseen by Yehuda Keisar – undoubtedly one of the greatest guitarist here. Liron Amram & The Panthers are making history by mixing between the old school Yemenite music with up-to-date music, bringing back the memories and melodies from his childhood home and giving them a new electronic, funky and even African groove interpretation and adding to it some 70′s rebellious vibes creating new and exciting music backed with true musical history that goes back hundreds of years and still stays new and fresh and you can also add timeless.  Now Liron is in preparations for the release of the first official single later this year while working on the full album and touring all over the country. So make sure you’ll discover them and be part of their musical history making before everyone else.

CATCH them performing live TODAY (09.10) at “The Container” and watch the live outtakes below.

Liron Amram & The Panthers לירון עמרם והפנתרים

Liron Amram & The Panthers
לירון עמרם והפנתרים

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